Tapping into the benefits of Digital Signage in Retail Stores

Thirteen milliseconds. That’s the lightning speed at which our brain identifies images, according to research by MIT neuroscientists. So, the first 5-7 seconds spent in front of a product makes the customer decide to buy it. Understandably, strong visuals can affect purchasing decisions. And if you add enhanced customer engagement, it will eventually boost sales revenue. Here’s another fun fact: almost 70-80% of purchasing decisions are made ‘in the store’. Simply put, brands can modernize in-store experience using dynamic ads to set the cash registers ringing!

A phenomenon called digital signage

Static content is fast becoming a thing of the past. This is where the role of digital signage in retail comes into play. It goes beyond informing consumers about a product, and adapts to their behaviour and preferences. Hence, physical stores have introduced smart digital technologies with the best cloud based software to influence purchasing decisions. As users read product reviews, company info, and feeds before buying a product, digital signage is the bridge to online and offline experience and offers the perfect opportunity to occupy an untapped space.

Omnipresent branding

Best digital signage solution in India doesn’t just get the desired footfalls. Targeted and engaging dynamic content expedites customer journeys. While just one screen can display a variety of products, retailers can place branding in many places simultaneously, especially when customers are most likely to be receptive to advertising.

Making shop windows more appealing

A store window has the potential to persuade consumers to step inside. A customer’s first glance is always attracted by what the store has to offer. An eye-catching display will certainly make it work better and faster. For instance, you walk past L'Oréal Paris India’s outlet and realise that their New Casting Crème Gloss Ultra Visible Hair Color will give your dark hair the vibrant shade you’ve always wanted. And where printed signs would have looked ordinary, and consumed more time and effort, dynamic digital signage can easily catch the attention of thousands of passersby as they watch L'Oréal’s ads on one of 1,000 screens that run on Wauly’s proprietary digital signage software.

Convey the Brand Story

Everyone loves fascinating and inspiring success stories. Earlier, retailers had limited and costly means to share their brand’s history. With retail digital signage, however, there’s no space, time or content format constraints.

Revamping social media presence

Social media has the power to influence and entice shoppers. But the challenge lies in creating effective dynamic content, rolling it out and getting people to like and share it. Digital signage makes it easier to repurpose social media content and get the audience’s undivided attention.

Pump up the entertainment quotient

Digital signage doesn't have to be boring. You can have fun with customers, jump on real-time marketing trends, use it for launches and more. When adding content becomes easier, you’ll find a million ways to come up with ideas to entertain your customers. Just like Indian Oil Petrol Pump stations that have placed interactive kiosks showing the customer membership updates based on their frequent visits. What’s more, even the details of membership points, or facilities and offers not only inform them but entertain them as they wait at the station.

Engage and get them involved

The purpose of digital signage is also to provide timely and relevant information to the customers, enhancing their overall experience. It can engage and trigger the curiosity of a consumer. This, in turn, will mean more enquiries and eventually increase in sales. Take the example of a well-established resort franchise line, Tamara. It has effectively made use of digital signage by engaging the visitor at the reception area and in the lobby showing its social media feeds, virtual tour of the resort and nearby attractions, too.

Increasing sales

Guide customers to specific products, upsell items or provide emergency information. This reduces staff costs and gives the customers the option to be in charge of their own experience. Dynamic QR codes also facilitate linking them to online engagement and purchase opportunities, thus providing a multi-faceted experience that customers value.

Internal communication

Digital signage can also improve internal communication with the staff. Axis Bank has a new soft skills training program for its employees. Waulite Digital Signage Company can provide solutions to reach the staff in break rooms and allow them to consume ambient content in a more relaxed manner.

There’s no denying that brands can enhance retail experience using digital signage, which can create an impactful digital presence and achieve enhanced targeted advertising. To make the best of it, fill the enquiry form and reach out to our sales team as the time to enhance your retail experience is now!

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