Digital Signage: Increasing Consumer Purchases and Reducing Marketing Costs

Numbers don’t lie. Studies suggest that 76% of buyers claim to enter a store for the first time ever because of signage. Furthermore, 60% of consumers admit that they bought a product apart from, or instead of what they originally intended to, after seeing its digital signage. Digital signage in retail is thus crucial as content is now consumed through screens all the time, and the dynamic nature of digital LED display screens is more appealing than static signage. Graphics and audiovisuals can make any product or service stand out and encourage more customers to spend on it.

How digital signage can increase purchases

A thorough marketing campaign is the backbone of any product or service. When you play targeted ads on digital displays, not only does it spread the word about your business but also encourages the buyer to opt for it. One of the most obvious benefits is that you can display information and also upcoming offers of your product. But there’s more to it that will help you boost your sales — you can display relevant information such as operating hours, contact details, company social media feeds, and also host customer reviews and testimonials to enhance retail experience. Nothing works like a charm as much as hearing other satisfied customers recommend your product.

Give your product a personality

Buyers are more confident about a product when they see it in action. Interactive digital displays will let the customer see the product from all angles and the different options being offered. Who wouldn’t like to see a range of L’Oreal hair colors or hairstyles to choose from when at a salon? Also, consumers more readily spend their money on entities they can relate to or like. Partnering with a trusted name such as Waulite Digital Signage Company can give you an upper edge as your marketing strategy can tell your customers who you really are. Your ethos and the humane side to the brand can create a connection that will make them prefer buying from your business to your competitors.

Nonstop marketing in less expense

An advantage of digital signage solutions is that it will do the marketing job for you in multiples within a budget. The graphic motion feature allows you to provide more information and updates than a hoarding or print ad can. You can communicate with a single display screen content worth a number of hoardings, automatically reducing your marketing costs. The scope of advertising with the best cloud based software system is expansive. From a massive single screen to multi-screen video walls, kiosks, or shelf-edge, you can reach out to audiences the way you deem it fit. What’s more, the marketing doesn’t need to stop once the customer sets foot inside your establishment. In-store displays can complement the efforts of other channels.

Reduces costs in updating ads

Updating print ads is time-consuming and labour-intensive. Not to mention other logistics that add up to the costs. For small businesses or those with hundreds of locations to cater to, it only becomes more cumbersome to keep track of implementation and outcomes. However, with the best centralised signage software system, multiple outlets can be part of the marketing plan. For instance, you can easily control the content nationwide with Waulypod as it allows for the changes to be made quickly. So, you can exploit high footfalls and tweak the content even during the store’s operational hours. Restaurants or even a chocolate brand such as ITC’s Fabelle, for example, needn’t print a new menu when a dish or a dessert is sold out. They can just switch things up a bit and update the signage to keep the eaters in the loop. Moreover, as customers wait in the queue, they know what they want by the time they reach the counter. This reduces queue times and increases orders, also leaving the customer happier and returning.

No more hard-selling

Customer conversion is what every business is after, and there’s a greater chance of higher ROIs through digital boards. A Harvard Business Review field survey report suggests that shoppers buy products more readily and also return to the store if they are given the comfort of privacy without an executive hovering around. Your team can focus on enhancing your marketing strategy to boost sales rather than hard-selling the product.

Of course, all these are compelling reasons to opt for digital signage in retail or then a basic fact is enough that any product that’s highlighted will be off the shelf more easily than one that’s not.

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